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The Most Bizzar Film You will Ever Made!

The Bleeding by Kluckin Films
The Bleeding by Kluckin Films
The Most Bizarre Movie Ever Made

The Bleeding is a tale of terror that goes beyond the imagination.

This MUST SEE Film tells the tale of what happens when Vagina Corps, a feminine hygiene product company, releases its newest Simply Blue Tampons without enough testing.

Available on DVD

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Dwayne King

Written by: Dwayne King & Priestess Kandi Ranson

Some People in this movie:

Special Appearance by John Jenrette former U.S. House of Representatives and South Carolina House of Representatives - who plays the President of The United States

Staring Jeff Bracey - Scientist, Priestess Kandi Ranson - Scientist's wife, Leah Carroll Myers - Severed Toe Victim, Renae Minor - Zombie Hooka, Scott Key - Zombie Hooka Victim, Amanda Gusrang - Leaker, Molly Maynard - Leaker, Tuesday Johnson - Leaker, Jordan Gwinn - Victim, Rush - Male Survivor, Joyce Edwards - Dog walker, Buddy Price Ranson - Dog, Terry Brown - Male Survivor, Rhonda Grubber - Hung over Leaker, Tammy Poston - Leaker, Tina Louise - Leaker, Sheik - Severed Hand Victim


$15.00 (Includes Shipping & Handling)

Copyright 1999-2013 Kluckin Films


It's only a movie!!

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