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eBay My World: kluckinfilms

YouTube - Kluckin Films

Kluckin Films at Now Live



CD UNIVERE - Kill Syndrome

TFAW - Kill Syndrome (2007)

Mandy.com - Welcome to Blood Beach

Yahoo! Movies - Kill Syndrome

myspacetv - KLUCKIN_FILMS

Kluckin Films Fan Club

Kluckin Films Interactive web.

Kluckin Fils at MSN Spaces

Fest21 - kluckinfilms's videoblog

UP SPOOK HILL: Main - Kluckin Films

Flixter - Kill Syndrome Release Nov 06, '07!

Kill Syndrome Featured in Fangoria

Kill Syndrome at Cafe Press

Kluckin Films at Cafe Press

Kill Syndrome At The New York Times

Kill Syndrome - Brain Damage Films

icansmellyourbrains.com - Kill Syndrome

Orice Grabber - Kill Syndrome

Lexi DiBenedetto _ Teddy's Girl in Kluckin Films Teddy

Ozzy Osbourne

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The Joe Flynn Show

This is what happened to
my last co-host !

Mr. Glut's Greed

A Tale of Greed, Selfishness and the Love of Money.


By: Lincoln Lawrence


"For the love of money is the root of all evil"

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"The Actor's Rulebook" is packed with advice gathered together by successful working actors in Hollywood - it's "by actors, for actors."  In the book Jack sheds light on the following topics that no one is talking about:

- How to break into film and TV

- How to break into commercials

- How to get work on stage

- How to work as a union extra

- How to get work in new technologies like the internet

- How to build your network of Hollywood power players

- How to understand and beat the competition

- How to stay afloat with side jobs while you're busy acting

- How to avoid bad business and shady dealings

PLUS, "The Actor's Rulebook" appendixes list valuable resources for actors that BY THEMSELVES ARE WORTH OVER $50 in organized, quality information, including:

- Acting Teachers, Classes, and Schools

- Headshot Photographers

- Photography Labs and Reproduction Houses

- Sample Resumes

- Extras Casting Companies

- Many, many more resources and links to additional information

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